Opening your bag

24K Purity

Not all gold is created equal. The three most common karatages are 24k, 18k, and 14k. Each have distinct differences.
Laurea’s jewelry consists of only one ingredient, gold. Never combined with an inferior metal, all Laurea jewelry is as nature created it, pure 24k gold. Gold that was part of the earth thousands of years before us and will remain just as brilliant thousands of years after us.
Another truly beautiful and unique quality of gold is that it sis the most non-reactive of all metals and never rusts or tarnishes, ever. You can leave your Laurea piece in a safe for years knowing that next time you open the safe it will always be just as brilliant as when you put it in. However, you may prefer sharing its timeless beauty with those around you by wearing it and enjoying this truly noble metal.
Many people have a slight allergic reaction to gold that is alloyed with inferior metal as is the case with any karatage under 24k. Most often it is nickel and copper that causes a reaction. Yellow and rose gold is mostly alloyed with copper and white gold with nickel. 24k gold is unalloyed and being 100% gold it is the only karatage that can make the claim that it is truly 100% hypoallergenic.