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Frequently Asked Questions

In a commitment to providing our customers with a better shopping experience, we recently made some major upgrades to our online store. To ensure your privacy, and as a matter of security, our team is never able to access your account password. As a result, all customers will need to set a new password to claim their account on this new and improved system.
Yes. All of our data operations, as well as those of our partners', are done with industry standard encryption and GDPR compliance.
Laurea is committed to only sourcing Conflict Free Gold. The majority of Laurea's gold is mined in Canada.
Gold purity is expressed in karats. Karats measures the parts per 24, for example a 14 karat ring would be 14 parts gold and 10 parts other alloys. So 14/24 or 58.3% gold. 24 Karat jewelry is 24/24 parts gold or in other words 100% gold.
Laurea is based in beautiful Palm Beach Florida, and is proud to say that the majority of pieces are made locally. In an effort to create the best pieces possible Laurea also partners with local artisans in Italy.
Laurea is required to charge sales tax in states where a physical presence is located. If shipping internationally there may be additional customs or duties.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Laurea jewelry you may return it for a full refund so long as the return is initiated within 24 hours of delivery. Due to Laurea jewelry being a physical comodity with values fluctuating daily with the price of gold, after the 24 hours Laurea jewelry may still be returned but only at its gold value less a 10% unwind fee. We offer free returns for orders within the Continental US. Other orders may incur a return shipping fee. We cannot accomodate returns on International orders, including Canada, but can accomodate sell backs for international clients.
Your Laurea jewelry is literally worth its weight in gold and at any time you can sell back your Laurea pieces at their current gold value less an unwind fee of 10%. To learn more about this and other features please see Laurea's Investment Journey page.
Your jewelry portfolio should grow with you and always reflect your style. Save up for that large purchase by investing in smaller pieces along the way or simply trade an old piece for a new style. Here, your gold is worth more than its weight in gold - 10% more. Old pieces traded in are credited to your account at 110% of their gold value towards new pieces. To learn more about this and other features, please see Laurea's investment journey.
Gold is typically quoted in troy ounces which has been a measure used since the middle ages. A troy ounce weighs 2.75 grams more than the standard (avoirdupois) ounce. One standard ounce is 28.35 grams while a troy ounce is 31.1 grams.
For sizing please see our size guide
Each of our rings are individually hand cast and finished. Because of this hand crafted process there are fluctuations in weight for individual pieces and some smaller rings may end up weighing more than a larger ring of the same style. While this is rare, the differences in weight between sizes are often small, and so the price of a smaller size can be higher than that of a larger size. Our prices are based on weight. You can feel confident that you are being charged for the amount of gold you receive.